Cellphone violation becomes CVC 22350 ticket

If you were holding or using your cellphone in the car then an officer can cite you under California Vehicle Code section 23123.5, which prohibits texting, talking, emailing or reading on a cellphone while driving.

How come you are charged under section 22350 of the CVC?

When somebody is using their cellphone in the car – whether that’s talking on it, texting, etc. – their attention is diverted away from driving and the road.

This can lead to some of the following:

  • unsafe lane change
  • speeding or driving too slowly
  •  weaving in the lane or in between lanes
  • going through red lights and/or stop signs

Don’t hold your cellphone while driving if you want to avoid getting a ticket under either CVC 23123 or CVC 22350.

If you have received either of these tickets and you want to consult with Jim Dozier then please call him at 831.758.1031

Jim Dozier interviewed by KION 46 on the shooting of an intruder by homeowner’s son in Salinas

Jim Dozier was interviewed by KION 46 regarding the shooting of an intruder in a home:

SALINAS, Calif. – A teenager was shot dead Wednesday and neighbors say it was a case of self defense. The victim was identified as 19 year old Miguel Medina, Jr.

The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office believes Medina broke into a home at 286 Pingree Way just after 12:30 p.m.

When deputies arrived on scene, they found Medina on the floor of the open garage with an automatic weapon slung around his shoulders. He had been shot and killed. Medina was identified through fingerprints.

During the initial break in, Monterey County Sheriff Investigators believe Medina got into an argument with someone at the home and gunshots were exchanged.

Darrel Hathaway, a neighbor, told Central Coast News the house has been vandalized before.

Hathaway also told Central Coast News the incident was caught on the families home security camera. Hathaway said, “They were in the living room talking and his son saw someone walk into the garage with a gun in his hand. So his son got up and got a gun himself and walked out to see what was going on.”

Sheriff Investigator Terry Kaiser told Central Coast News it’s possible the homeowner’s son may not be charged with any crime if the shooting was in self defense.

“If you in any way feel threatened, you have the right to defend yourself, your property and your homestead,” said Kaiser.

Central Coast News spoke to Charles Halliday, a neighbor, who said, “Finally the owners got to strike back. I can safely tell Salinas and the surrounding area, strike one for the good guys!”

“Maybe the others will take this as a hint that we’re not going to put up with it anymore, we’re going to protect our homes at any cost,” said Holiday.

Anyone with information involving this case is asked to contact Investigator Saheen Jorgensen or Investigative Sergeant Terry Kaiser at 831-755-3772.

You can also call the Tip Line number at 1-888-833-4847.

Submitted by Central Coast News Anchor Marc Cota-Robles

Original video at kionrightnow.com no longer available

DUI Advice

It is important to remember that you only have 10 days from the date of your DUI arrest to contact the DMV Driver Safety Division to request an administrative per se hearing.
If you do not act you drivers license will automatically be suspended 30 days after your arrest.