If you were holding or using your cellphone in the car then an officer can cite you under California Vehicle Code section 23123.5, which prohibits texting, talking, emailing or reading on a cellphone while driving.

How come you are charged under section 22350 of the CVC?

When somebody is using their cellphone in the car – whether that’s talking on it, texting, etc. – their attention is diverted away from driving and the road.

This can lead to some of the following:

  • unsafe lane change
  • speeding or driving too slowly
  • ¬†weaving in the lane or in between lanes
  • going through red lights and/or stop signs

Don’t hold your cellphone while driving if you want to avoid getting a ticket under either CVC 23123 or CVC 22350.

If you have received either of these tickets and you want to consult with Jim Dozier then please call him at 831.758.1031


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