What clients say about James H. Dozier, Criminal Defense Attorney

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I have witnessed his tenacious capacity for solid performance in

To prospective clients:

Mr. Dozier requested that I write a client “testimonial letter” in
regards to his 35 yr. law practice and what I know about the man.
If you or yours have the misfortune being involved/arrested in a crime
committed in California, be aware that your choice in council will
eventually reflect in its outcome.
I came to know Mr. Dozier professionally in a civil case in 1978, my
attorney who fell ill recommended that Dozier represent me as my case
was destined to land in court.  I was told that he was a past master
in the court arena and commanded respect both in the DA’s offices and
also with the Judges themselves. I was experiencing the high stress
associated with any legal involvement, thoughts of being in a
courtroom etc, when Mr. Dozier took the time and patiently laid out
the way things were (explaining the legal landscape in layman’s
Over the years now, both as a client and in other’s cases referred by
me, I have witnessed his tenacious capacity for solid performance in
court and ability to show empathy, be enthusiastic and build hope with
his clients outside the court. Being human includes flaws and if I
were to mention one of Mr. Dozier’s, it would be that perhaps he cares
too much about his clients and their being up against the wall of
inequities found in society and the legal system.
Along with Mr. Dozier’s knowledgeable & down to earth legal approach
and his close ties and success rate in Monterey courts, he is notably
cost effective.  In a case based on evidence gathered by using illegal
procedures took only one phone call…case dismissed. Another client’s
bail was set and through his affiliates arranged a discounted bail
Don’t mistake quality and be fooled by a high profile attorney’s new
Mercedes or a $300. pair of shoes.  Utilize Dozier’s free consultation
and if he can’t help you, he will surely point you to someone who can.

I have been honored to have James Dozier as my attorney, personal
friend and having been asked to write this letter.


Jas M. Morto
Montery County

Jim is an amazing attorney

I had the pleasure of working with Jim recently and I was very impressed. He was extremely well prepared and made other attorneys in court look like amateurs. It was telling when the judge and assistant D.A. were listening to him with their jaws dropped. You can’t go wrong by getting a free consultation with Jim and give yourself peace of mind that you’ll be working with a top notch attorney.

Dominique V.R.
Santa Clara county